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Isabella Cao
Four years on yearbook staff and inspiring Best in Show award winner Isabella Cao, 12 quit volleyball for all the right reasons. “ I used to play volleyball but it was taking up way too much of my life so I quit,” Cao said. “ I still coach younger kids though.” Cao really didn't have much interest in yearbook at first “I went into yearbook freshman year, I kinda got recruited,” Cao said. “ I signed up for one semester but Mr.Krake wanted me to stay and become an editor, so I did.” Cao’s free time is mostly taken up by yearbook. She's always at events or helping yearbook 1,2, and 3 staff members. Cao’s also taking many AP classes this senior year. “I’m taking AP English 12, AP Calc bc, AP Physics 1, and AP French, “ Cao said.

Isabella Cao, Yearbook Co-editor in-chief

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