Jake Parker

Photos are magical to Jake Parker, junior because he can capture the beauty of the world and would like to photograph all over it someday.

“My ideal places to photograph would be in Portland. San Francisco, Hawaii or the Himalayas,” Parker said.

Parker would photograph Portland because he finds it to be a world of different types art and photo and the “crazy people”. Portland's motto is “Keep Portland weird,” and he tries to show that in his pictures.  San Francisco because of his family, the market and Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is San Francisco historical fishing district. A family attraction that  has many opportunities for interesting photos. Hawaii or the Himalayas beckon because he would like to travel there someday. Parker would photograph these places because he wants capture their beauty, which is not always seen by most people.

When Parker is taking photos, he has access to another world: the world of beauty and the unknown. He captures what the world may not always see. When he’s taking photos it’s just him and the camera.

The Amplifier gives Parker the pleasure of living out one of his passions everyday. He would love to be senior photo editor next year. In Amplifier Parker feels that he can’t be judged and that he can just be himself.   Parker doesn’t have to worry, he can just escape and take photos.

“The reason I love photo is because it’s an escape from the world around us,” Parker said.

Jake Parker, Photographer

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