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Ji Hyun An
Watching her sister Bo An, class of 2016, leave for college Ji Hyun An, junior,  knew she would want to follow in her footsteps. “Staying in one place for a long time is hard for me,” An said. After moving multiple times throughout her life she knows she wants to go far for college. An hopes to major in medicine but does not rule out a future in journalism. “I got interested in journalism after watching my dad,” An said. “He was interviewed for his books and law so I was around it a lot.” Watching the news also pulled An into journalism class. “I’ve always spent a lot of time watching the news so I think my interest for writing came from there,” An said. In her third year as a WLHSnow staff member, An has goals as the print editor. “I want the atmosphere to be friendly again,” An said. “I have always liked the freedom and the laid back attitude of this class. It is such an accepting place.” After her freshman year, An knew she would want to be staff for the rest of her high school years. “My sophomore year I was an editor and this year I’m really excited to be print editor this year,” An said.

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Editor

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