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Ashlynn Miller-Sanders, Reporter

From different cultures to different people, Ashlyn Miller-Sanders, freshman, found a whole different world while living in Japan. She returned from Japan last year after living there for four years and attending a  school on a Military base before moving to West Linn.

“The schools were very alike to schools here. An average school day was the same too,” Miller-Sanders said. The types of classes offered were somewhat different than the ones here. The curriculum was mostly the same though. She met many new friends there. Her friend Reimi, who is Japanese lives in Texas now.

When Miller-Sanders wasn’t at school, she was out and about. The most exciting thing she saw in Japan was the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It is the third largest aquarium in the world. Her favorite thing to see at the aquarium were the huge whale sharks. “They had a lot of big and exotic animals.” Miller-Sanders said.

“The greatest thing in Japan was its festivals” Miller-Sanders said “And one of the prettiest is the Nakijin castle cherry blossom. Where you can see the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom and see a historical site of Okinawa’s most famous ancient castle ruins. There is only certain times of the year that the cherry blossoms bloom.”

Now that Miller-Sanders is back in the states, some things have changed. She lives with her dad, stepmom, half sister and her many pets.. Besides family, she has made many new friends.

In the future Miller-Sanders would enjoy being a fantasy writer. She also loves to read mythology and fantasy books. When she reads she feels like she is a character in the book and whatever they do she does too.

Miller-Sanders would love to go back to Japan someday if she could.

“I had a lot of friends there.” Miller-Sanders said. “It was always hot. It was really fun living there.”

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Ashlynn Miller-Sanders