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Bell Cogan, Reporter

Writing  her own adventures, Belle Cogan, freshman, knows that you can't just wish for an adventure to happen— you have to take it into your own hands. This started in third grade when she discovered her passion for writing.

“I read books and there was something that made me want to do this,” Cogan said.

One book in particular, “Twilight,” propelled Cogan to start writing fictionalstories and she hasn't stopped since reading the book in elementary school. Cogan's love for literature is illustrated in the interests she has. Her favorite subject is English, and she plans on becoming a mystery/horror novelist.

“English has been my favorite subject since I was a small child. It made me want to write,” Cogan said.

Cogan has an adventurous take on life in the real world as well, not just in the pages upon which she writes. She wants to live in Japan when she has the opportunity, as she loves the culture and  has spent time researching it in the past.

Cogan dreams of going to college at Southern Oregon University. She loves the town because of the memorable vacations her family has taken to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Cogan isn't one to let fear stop her from having fun either. While some would cower behind the couch, Cogan loves the thrill of a scary movie. This applies to other aspects of her life as well. Those who know Cogan agree that she doesn’t let fear stop her from pursuing her dreams. Cogan’s friend, Marisa Bishel, freshman, expressed her feelings about her classmate.
“Belle is a great friend because she is so charismatic. She works hard to make her dreams a reality,” Bishel said.

Though Cogan is adventurous it comes with a realistic viewpoint. When she pictures her life in the future, she has always seen herself living in a condo— not because she needs to, but because it's something she wants to do out of enjoyment.

“I don't need a big house. I’m a small person and a small person doesn’t need to live in an enormous house,” Cogan said.

In the past, people who have lived lives full of adventure, and yet still remain realistic in mentality, have gone far in life, because they have practicality to back up their ideas. Cogan’s peers and family will attest to the fact that Cogan is such a person.

“No matter what she decides to do in life I know she will go far because she has goals and sticks to them.” Bishel said.

Cogan is one who does not flinch at scary movies, took up writing as a hobby, and is already making motions to turn it into a career. Cogan will write her own path in her life, as well as her many adventures because she loves taking it into her own hands.

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Bell Cogan