Caroline Clancy

Caroline Clancy, Yearbook Staff

Caroline Clancy, 12  is new to West Linn High School. She moved here over the summer from Florida and didn't really have much of a summer besides unpacking brown boxes. “At the end of the summer when almost everything was unpacked me and my family went up to Seattle for the day and saw everything up there for the first time. Everyone said Oregon was the place to hike so we went on all the good hikes my family and I could find. I started liking Oregon more and more once i saw how everything it has to hold.” At her old school she had a  beautiful outside campus which was a lot different than the campus we have here at West Linn. “My old campus was a lot more open, you could see everything from almost anywhere  you were in the school from the parking lot, to the lunchroom.”

Clancy is not the only person in her family to be attending West Linn this year; she also has a twin brother named Christopher, but they don’t ever get along. They don't have any common interests: she likes volleyball and he likes biking. “People at my old school would come up to me and say, ‘Have you ever even talked to him? Because I have never even seen you guys acknowledge that the other is there.’ My teacher didn't even know we were twins and she had a class with both of us in it.” Even at home they only really talk when they absolutely have to.

When Caroline was not at school or hanging out with her friends she would be playing volleyball, she has been playing for nine years and she loves it. Her mom signed her up in the third grade for volleyball and she said after that “I just kept playing and started liking it more and more.” She decided she is not going to play at West Linn because she wants to get settled it and focus on school to get into the University of Oregon to study Biology. “I kind of just looked at a list of things to major in and picked Biology, because it was  interesting to me freshman year,” Clancy said. She is going to try it out and see how it goes in college and if she doesn’t like it, she’ll switch her major. Caroline is the type of person who will just go and do anything if you ask her, she is very open minded. To find Caroline Clancy around school just look for someone who has a perfectly matching outfit and a watch on; it will be her.

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Caroline Clancy