Emily Buffington

Emily Buffington, Staff Reporter

“Big publications are a dying media. People just don’t trust big publications because of how biased they can be,” Emily Buffington, freshman, said.

However journalism as a whole isn't dead, independent creators are on the rise. Buffington has been interested in current events since seventh grade. She wants to share stories without bias.

Politics aren't the only thing she's interested in reporting on. Science, technology, health, and video games are all very interesting to her. Buffington likes to know about upcoming technology and how it could help, or harm us in the coming years. Transportation, robotics, and computer sciences are all part of our future.

Buffington is also interested in climate and space sciences, and especially in the concept of space exploration while maintaining our own planet.  

“Space is a vast place full of new and exciting things, but we still need to protect our own planet,” Buffington said. She’s concerned about climate change and how it’s affecting us and will affect us if no action is taken.

Buffington also likes to play a lot of video games and is very excited about upcoming games and developers in 2019.

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Emily Buffington