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Jamie Sullivan, Reporter

“Sit! Stay! Come!”   These are the words that Jaime Sullivan, freshman uses when she works with guide dogs to train them. Even though they might slobber on her clothes or hands, she really enjoys training guide dogs.

“My favorite part of raising guide dogs is the feeling of helping someone else get a dog that will change their life. I love animals; I have a dog and a cat and raising guide dogs is a good way to work with animals,” Sullivan said.

Her family has been raising guide dogs since she was eight years old. “My mom learned about it and we have been training guide dogs ever since,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan enjoys working with dogs and helping them to become disciplined  enough to help someone who is blind or has other health issues.  Over the course of six years, her family has worked with and trained seven dogs who then go on to help people with disabilities. Even though she might not always be working with guide dogs, she will always be an animal lover.

When she is not working with guide dogs, she is running cross country.Sullivan has been running for the past year and really enjoys it.

“I enjoy cross country more than track because it changes more than running track where it could be the same thing every time,” Sullivan said. Running is something she really enjoys and is thinking about pursuing running cross country in college.

Sullivan hopes to attend college in Colorado and study management in television and film. Afterwards she wishes to work behind the scenes on a television show, or on movies sets.

“I find it interesting how everything works behind the scenes, I think it would be cool to run a show.”

Sullivan hopes to be able to run her own show someday, making sure everything behind the scenes runs neat and smooth,exactly like how she works with and raises guide dogs. To be strict and firm, but keep everything running neat and orderly, so the dogs will end up being properly behaved. Like running a television set, her cross country running will also help her by staying on her feet while running around a busy television set.

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Jamie Sullivan