Katharine Koehler

Katharine Koehler , Arts and Culture Editor

When students hit the road at 7 a.m., they are usually rushing around trying to find the best parking spot. However, for Katharine Koehler, junior, she is still trying to leave her house in Happy Valley.

“I drive to school in the morning and then I take the public bus on the way home,” Koehler said.

The sacrifice is worth it in Koehler’s mind. Even though her family moved out of West Linn, she was determined to continue to go to school at WLHS. Koehler is currently enjoying AP Government and Organic and Biochemistry at school, but has plans of becoming a psychologist in the future.

“I don’t want to be a therapist, but maybe a clinical psychologist,” Koehler said.

However, when Koehler was little, she saw herself becoming a chef or an artist and planned on taking her work with her as she traveled the world. Although she won’t be taking art and food with her, Koehler still dreams of traveling rather than settling down in one place.

Before Koehler starts her career and travels, she has to think about college. Ready to begin her life of travel, Koehler is thinking about attending college on the east coast. Although she is interested in studying history and psychology in college, Koehler is currently focused on her journalism studies.

“I took Film freshman year and I was recommended for Journalism,” Koehler said. “I was a little surprised when I walked in and found out that I was an editor, though.”

With a strong passion for movies, it only made sense that Koehler would be made the Arts and Culture Editor. Some of Koehler’s favorite movies are “The Babadook” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Even though Koehler looks toward a future of psychology and traveling, she is perfectly happy watching her favorite films and critiquing them in any way she sees fit.

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Katharine Koehler