Lawrence Chen

Lawrence Chen, Yearbook Staff

Lawrence Chen, 9 loves his sleep. Each morning, Chen must sluggishly throw his cloudlike covers off his bed, reluctantly toss his tired, sore legs off the side of the bed and wipe his tired eyes. Over the summer he slept in regularly. He is simply not a morning person. He enjoys playing basketball, and is looking forward to being able to play for the great basketball program we have.

In his free time he enjoys playing the cello, Chen started playing in third grade. “I don’t play as often anymore though… there’s just no time for it anymore.”  Having to juggle school, basketball, and a social life doesn’t allow much time to play the cello. “When I was younger I had so much time on my hands. Now with school and basketball eating up so much of my time, I don’t play as often, I use my free time to hang with friends, and chill on my phone.”

He also enjoys playing with his two puppies. They are both havanese pups. He LOVES his dogs. “I love how they’re basically stuffed animals that move. They’re just so cute!”

“Yearbook seems like it could be extremely interesting. Something new and different, gets me out there I guess.” Chen says, “It’s something that gets me out of my comfort zone and will probably allow me to meet new people and try new things.” Chen is looking forward to a great semester in yearbook.

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Lawrence Chen