Mat Grothe

Mat Grothe, Videographer

There is a new creative mind in the world of film. Mat Grothe, senior, is determined to make his mark in the history of filmmaking. Grothe has had an interest in film for as long as he can remember and hopes to study film in college. Some colleges that Grothe is looking into include University of Southern California and UT Austin.

Grothe has an utter passion for films and the art of of cinema.

“I don’t have a favorite film,” Grothe said. “You can’t ask someone that, it’s like asking them who their favorite child is.” Grothe loves making films but does not have the budget to continue independently producing his art.

Grothe signed up for Amplifier hoping for a way to express his film genius without spending so much money. “I saw a disgraceful film department in Amplifier and thought that I could improve it,” Grothe said.

Grothe hopes to make a career in film and he wants to enter some of his movies in local film festivals later this year.

“I have taken classes on film but never shown my film in a public forum until Amplifier,” Grothe said.

Grothe is excited for the upcoming year in Amplifier and wants to spread the news through video. Grothe wants this year to be a learning experience and wants is looking forward to sharing his “videos” with Amplifier. Grothe’s ultimate goal is to use film to make the world a better place.

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Mat Grothe