Maya Zachary

Maya Zachary, Yearbook Staff

Only ever growing up in one place her whole life, Maya Zachary, 10 plugged in her earphones to drown herself out with The Beatles as she drove away from her hometown for the last time. Living so close to the Molalla River as a child, Maya and her sisters, Jesa and Ella, would venture farther and farther down the stream of water, eventually discovering one of the most exciting places she has ever been, “It’s cool finding new places you’ve never been to before and taking it all in.” Zachary is the adventurist type; she enjoys hiking, running, and any random adventure she can find. Her favorite place to hike is Hamilton Mt. in the Columbia Gorge. “It’s been proven that you release more dopamine when you’re near a waterfall, so waterfalls literally make you happier. That’s why I usually hike somewhere with a waterfall.” Also, recently, she has been collecting sand from beaches she’s been to, starting by just bottling up a little bit of sand from California, saying, “It’s a way to keep California with me as I go back to Oregon,” and it just stuck with her, becoming a collection that grew every time she went to the coast. When she’s not out exploring, you can find Zachary running hurdles on the varsity track time, or dancing for the high school Debs team. At home, Zachary enjoys teaching herself how to play the piano, and has been playing since she was six. She learned by watching other people play certain songs on Youtube and following along, teaching herself the chords, “I like doing things by myself, it makes me feel more accomplished,” Zachary said.

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Maya Zachary