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Nic Bittner, Staff Reporter

When she’s not proving her skill as a competitive sailor with the Willamette Sailing Club, Nicola Bittner, sophomore, can be found in her room strumming out songs on her guitar or watching youtube. Nicola--Nic to her friends--describes herself as shy, but still manages to impress all those around her with her wit and charisma.

“I’m a movie junky,” said Bittner, “I’m really into eighties and indie movies.” This trend towards older or more obscure entertainment continues into music as she claims “I listen to anything alternative or eighties new wave, but I’m not a hipster!” Bittner adamantly stated.

“I really enjoy ‘Morrissey’, the Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, New Order, and The Cure... the old stuff and the new stuff.” She said. Although movies and music are her passion, Bittner also loves books--mostly horror.

“I’m a big fan of Stephen King,” she said. “I love The Shining,” Bittner said, “and I’ve read Carrie five million times.”

Bittner not only likes to consume entertainment and listen to music, she also enjoys making music as well. Bittner has been playing guitar since seventh grade.

“I like to play my favorite songs [on guitar],” Bittner said. “I’m really into music, so I look music up on ‘UltimateGuitar.com’ and I just play it.” Although she obviously has a firm grasp on music, as she can sight-read guitar tabs, Bittner is held back by a fairly simple character trait.

“I play in my room, I’m pretty shy and I don’t like playing in front of other people, so it’s mostly just about myself,” Bittner said.

Because it’s easy for Bittner to be engrossed in her music, school took her by surprise.

“I’m really excited [for school], because I like being kept busy, I like the academic stuff, but I’m kinda not ready for it mentally,” Bittner said. “My relationship with school is a love hate thing. I mean it’s school, which is kinda ‘eh’, but I still have fun.” When asked what she likes about our school, Bittner immediately said “I like the teachers--they’re very personal. At least the [teachers] I’ve been blessed to have are very personal, and they care, and they make sure that you do your best, and you be your best self, and I think that’s very important.”

Bittner said that that there was a teacher that she felt she could rely on whenever feeling down or needing someone to help with mental strain, and that teacher was Mr. Julian, her freshman english teacher. Although she didn’t need his help in such important ways, Bittner was able to use him for support with academics. One such situation sprung to her mind.

“I was doing a project on Romeo and Juliet and it was the day before it was due, I kept messing up and I just didn’t like my project,” Bittner said. “I didn’t really know what to do, so I came in and told him, and he gave me an idea.” The project idea was a soundtrack to the book; “I made this really awesome soundtrack, it was mostly eighties music. After that we just bonded.” She describes her relationship with Mr. Julian as something that taught her how to not only get a good grade, but also how to be herself. Bittner is taking this new-found confidence with her as a staff reporter with the Amplifier.

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Nic Bittner