Delaney Callaghan
Ever since she watched Gilmore Girls and saw Rory Gilmore navigate Yale’s very own newsroom with grace and ease, Delaney Callaghan, junior, felt a certain pull towards journalism.

“Gilmore Girls is my favorite show, and I really liked what the main character did in her journalism career.” Callaghan said. “Even if it wasn’t a completely accurate depiction, I still liked what I saw and definitely wanted to try it.”

Outside of school, Callaghan enjoys a wide range of activities, including soccer, baking, and spending time with friends. Obviously, she is a fan of Gilmore Girls and other TV show, but is not someone who is a consumer; but rather someone who wants to produce something.

Journalism combines writing and photography, two things that Callaghan loves. She is always ready to try new things, and when she saw the opportunity to give journalism a try, she took it.

“I am excited to contribute my work to WLHSnow,” Callaghan says. “It’s a great way to explore more of what the school has to offer, and share them with the rest of my fellow students, which I think is a really important job to have.”

Delaney Callaghan, Current Events Editor

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Delaney Callaghan