Alysha Collver
For Alysha Collver yearbook is a stepping stone to what she hopes of a life and career in photography. “In 10 years I hope to have finished college at the University of Oregon and have a good career in photography.” Alysha says. Alysha spends a lot of time taking photos and building her skills in photography. “In my free time I like to hangout with my friends and take pictures.”

Everyday Alysha looks forward to coming to class and being able to hangout with her friends and take photos. “I like to take photos and shoot events.” She says. Alysha enjoys shooting football games and profile pictures. “My favorite thing to take pictures of is people.”  Alysha hopes to continue her career in photography through the rest of high school and her life.

Alysha Collver, Yearbook staff

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Alysha Collver