When Austin Cummins, senior, went to the Google headquarters , Googleplex, in Santa Clara County, he was amazed that the employees could ride bikes around campus, and that they had snack bars on every floor where they could eat food for free. Cummins, is an 18 year old who loves computers so much that he's teaching Lynn Pass, graphic arts teacher,  how to use the new Macs in the computer lab. He is looking forward to visiting Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, because he'd like to go there after two years of community college. He would like to major in Embedded Systems Technology which is a form of engineering. Cummins is in journalism because he’s had the class all through high school, and he wanted to take it again. He works at The Stafford, a boutique retirement community, as a waiter. On weekends, Austin enjoys visiting Free Geek, a nonprofit that recycles computers in Portland. He also enjoys swimming, math and graphic arts.

Austin Cummins, Reporter

Apr 23, 2012
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Austin Cummins