Brooke McKelvey
Most of her friends know her for her love of Marvel movies and softball, but Brooke McKelvey, freshman, also owns a deep passion for writing.

"I do a lot of role-play in my head, so sometimes I'll think, 'Hey, this would make a good story,' and I'll type it or write it down," McKelvey said. She was first inspired to start writing her own fantasy stories after reading book series like “Harry Potter” and the “Ranger's Apprentice”.

McKelvey realized she might want to turn writing into a profession and forecasted for journalism with the recommendation of her eighth grade English teacher, Graeme Sandell. But admittedly, she did it with some hesitation.

"It [journalism] was something I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure if it was the kind of writing that I would like,” McKelvey said. “Now, I love how I can get my own writing publicized and out there.”

Although McKelvey spends more time practicing softball and studying for tests and doing homework, she takes pleasure in writing because it allows her to relax.

“As I continue Amplifier, I look forward to improving my writing and making people want to read it,” McKelvey said.


Brooke McKelvey, Staff Reporter

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Brooke McKelvey