Camille Collier

Science for Camille Collier, sophomore, means enjoyment and interest. Collier has been interested in science since seventh grade, but it wasn’t until last summer that she fell in love with microbiology. Collier spent time working in a plant pathology internship in Aurora, Oregon.

“Since I haven’t been interested in science for a long time, I haven’t been able to develop a passion for any specific science,” Collier said, “[but] it’s cool! I like the non-stereotypical science; not the frizzy haired, white lab coat wearing scientists. Those aren’t the real scientists. I like to grow things in petri dishes. It’s fun.”

Collier’s favorite subject in school is science because she thinks it is more hands-on than others. She sees a possible future in the science field and she thinks that she is working hard towards accomplishing this future.

“I might go into the medical field, because its recession proof, but I’m not sure yet. I’d like to be a technologist in a laboratory,” Collier said,“then, if I wanted to... I’d get a doctorate.”

Collier remembers being scouted by past Amplifier staff members. She chose to start in Journalism I as a freshman and has continued to be an active member of The Amplifier. She is currently one of the two editors of the Arts & Culture section.

Camille Collier, Arts and Culture Editor

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Camille Collier