Colin Squires

Colin Squires, freshman, is a jack of many trades. Whether it be unicycling, running cross country or traveling around the continent, Squires is bound to have a new trick up his sleeve.

Squires is now adding the trade of writing to his bag of tricks as he is now a reporter for the West Linn Amplifier.

“I like writing and I thought it’d be cool to be a part of the paper and the website. I like the fact that they get ideas out there,” Squires said. Not only does he like to “get his ideas out there,” but Squires also likes to participate within the school by running cross country.

Squires runs varsity and is giving the team a great edge towards going to State. He averages 17.30 for a 5K which is a little over three miles. When Squires isn’t running between the trees and in the heat, he is often traveling around the world.

This summer Squires went to New York to visit family and had a blast sight seeing around the “Big Apple.” In the past, he has traveled to Hawaii and Paris. Vacationing to both places he grew his appreciation for other cultures and he looks forward to visiting again. Most people travel by plane, car or ship, but Squires enjoys transportation on one wheel.

Squires acquired a unicycle as a Christmas present from his grandparents three years ago. He practiced until he could wheel around as if he’d been doing it his whole life.

Squires has many talents and the future will only teach him more. For now, he will learn from the experiences journalism will present him.

Colin Squires, Reporter

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Colin Squires