Connor Maloney
Connor Maloney, junior, is a well known figure in the sports world here at West Linn High School. He can be found playing football in the fall, wrestling in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. Being a three sport athlete is not easy, especially while juggling school work. Practices and games take up most of his time. For some this schedule would be overwhelming, but Maloney is right at home.

Athletics, football in particular, are in his blood. With a great grandfather previously in the NFL, a grandfather who played for the Oregon Ducks, and a father who spent his days on the West Linn football field, Maloney is no stranger to the sport.

“Its great having a family who knows football, they really understand what I go through as a player” Maloney said. Maloney plays the position of center on our Varsity team, and along with talent, he possesses a true love for the game.

“I can't describe the feeling of playing football. I love everything about it, the mental game, the letting loose, the technique, the plays, everything,” he said. However, simply playing football isn’t enough for this sports fanatic.

Maloney’s dream is to pursue a career in sports journalism and broadcasting. He says though he has always been an avid watcher of SportsCenter his real interest in journalism came from the realization that making a living by playing football would be a challenge given his smaller size. He hopes that by taking journalism he will develop the skills and practice he needs to pursue his dream profession.

“Journalism is a way for me to be as close to football as possible without actually playing,”Maloney said.

He hopes to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps by attending University of Oregon. In the meantime he can be found playing one of his three sports, practicing the tuba or coaching young kids in the sport he loves.

Connor Maloney, Staff Reporter

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Connor Maloney