Danny McGarry

Entering Journalism for the fourth year, Danny Mcgarry, senior, has formed some interest in Journalism. McGarry went to  Athey Creek not until he joined the journalism because his middle school teachers recommended it. He also thought it would be interesting.

Danny took the Journalism III for the second time because he knew journalism  was something he wanted to go into. After being part of the Amplifier Senior Edition, McGarry feels great and “has fun because he makes lots of connections with people,” McGarry said. Writing is his favorite part of journalism, because it’s an easier way to express his point.

McGarry’s favorite hobby is playing Starcraft, a video game that he’s decent at playing. Playing the drums and guitar are his other hobbies, as well as listening to music. McGarry feels himself playing the actual instrument when listening to music.

McGarry was born in Virginia, and moved to Oregon at the age of two. He went to Stafford Elementary School and then to Athey Creek Middle school. McGarry says that he’s “great at everything.” McGarry has lots of freedom in school when in journalism.

What McGarry is most looking forward to most this year is being able to graduate high school. So far he’s taking AP classes such as AP English and AP Computer Science. He’s taking Journalism because he wants to major in communication.

Danny McGarry, Reporter

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Danny McGarry