Devinne Amesquita
The sun pours its heat onto the field, the turf rises to a temperature where you can practically see it melting. A loud burst of shouting explodes from the stands, as number 24 sprints down the bases. This is where you will find Devinne Amesquita. Devinne is a hard core softball lover, she plays on the varsity team as number 24. “The harder you play, the better you do” Devinne said, referencing her love for the sport. When asked about any pre-game rituals, she explains, “before games we usually either have a pre-game talk with the coach, or play a little hacky sack”. The best part about softball she reports is “everyone on the team is my best friend, playing a sport you love with people you love, what could be better than that?” When Devinne isn’t playing softball you can usually find her hanging out with friends, hiking, or playing with her two beloved dogs. The last time Amesquita went for a hike was at angels rest, “As I was hiking through the rocks I almost sprained my ankle while tripping over rocks, it was all worth it in the end seeing the beautiful view.” Devinne describes the hike as stunning and worth the walk. Playing with her pet dogs are her next favorite thing to do, Duke her first dog is a bullmastiff boxer, who is very lazy but also very loving. Her other dog Whiskey on the other hand is a red nosed pitbull, who enjoys to sleep more than anything. “Whenever I come home from school they cheer me up with their love.”  Besides going on hikes and playing softball, Devinne decided to join yearbook. Devinne joined yearbook to step out of her comfort zone, because making connections with new people is difficult at times. Getting to meet new people and know them on a personal level will be a challenge she is willing to take on. Devinne is ready for this year to make a great yearbook and make good friendships with new students.

Devinne Amesquita, Yearbook Staff

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Devinne Amesquita