Dominic Ragalie
Go to a football game and you won't find Dominic Ragalie, 11 sitting in the stands; you’ll find him high above in the press box.  

“I like the press box because its up, out of the crowd and  I get a different view on the game,” Ragalie said.

His family owns a hardwood flooring business.

“I love to help my parents in any way I can,” Ragalie said. “Sitting down while my parents are working just feels wrong.”  

Ragalie has lived in West Linn for 9 years with his parents and brothers and sisters. “In my freetime I work on my truck.” “After high school I would like to attend Caltech to receive a degree in mechanical engineering.”   

Dominic Ragalie , Yearbook Business Manager; WLHSnow LIVE co-Editor-in-Chief

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Dominic Ragalie