Emily McDonald
While she is known as crazy, talented and certainly enthusiastic, Emily McDonald, senior, is a well-rounded person who is preparing for college. Among her top picks Montana State University or Oregon State University are the two front runners in checking out colleges.  

“I would probably get distracted in Montana because of all the things there is to do there, so my second choice would be Oregon State,” McDonald said.

Captain of the the Girls Varsity Ski Team, McDonald enjoys other out of school activities such as long boarding, horseback riding and writing her own music.  She was dubbed with the nickname Taylor because she writes songs like Taylor Swift, who is one of her favorite music artists.

Thinking of the future, McDonald in interested in many careers; she is motivated about the possibility of becoming a ski resort manager or perhaps an emergency room nurse. This is a very large contrast from her first idea of becoming a stunt double. McDonald is interested in extreme activities; it would be a job where she would get to come to work and do what she loves.

McDonald has a passion for writing. She chooses to be on Amplifier  staff because of the people that surround her, and because she is able to get involved with many different activities around the school.

McDonald is on the path to her careers and future, she is known for her enthusiasm and will take that wherever she goes.

Emily McDonald, Copy Editor

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Emily McDonald