Grace Nickas
Growing up in California, Grace Nickas, sophomore, could spend time outside with her family all summer, and would swim and play soccer with her childhood friends until the sun went down. These things are some of her fondest memories in her life thus far.

After playing soccer for 11 years, Nickas has given it up to become a very committed varsity rower at Rose City Rowing Club based in Portland. Spending time at practice for three hours a day, six days a week for the past year has allowed Nickas to advance to the varsity team at her club. Though racing season starts in October and lasts all fall before starting up again in the spring, Nickas practices year round with only short breaks in the summer and holiday season. Nickas has raced with RCRC in local races, in Seattle and even as far as British Columbia, Canada.

After the staff of Amplifier visited Nickas’s Language Arts class at Rosemont Ridge Middle School, she was encouraged by her teacher to apply. Starting in Journalism I, journalistic writing was new for Nickas.

“It’s a different kind of writing than you do for essays. I really like the freedom of it.” She enjoys being able to pursue topics she is interested in and working with a different style of writing unlike that used in typical English class.

Along with her parents, Nickas has visited the islands of Kauai and Oahu, her favorite place to travel.

“It’s really pretty, we got to swim in the ocean and go snorkeling,” Nickas said. She looks forward to being able to travel more in the future and in her adult life. The top of her traveling bucket list includes Spain, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, among other places in Europe and South America.

The University of Washington’s rowing team is where Nickas hopes to end up for college. As of right now, she wants to become an orthopedic surgeon and go into sports medicine. “U-Dub’s sports medicine program is really good.” While studying, Nickas would enjoy continuing to participate in the sport she puts so much into and row on the university’s team.

Grace Nickas, Staff Reporter

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Grace Nickas