Hayden Fish
In addition to being a Junior, Hayden Fish is involved in numerous hobbies, including cross country, music, and skateboarding. He enjoys his time with these hobbies, and is able to connect to his friends through them. 

“Being on the cross country team is a very large commitment, so I must manage my time correctly in order to balance it all,” Fish said. Additionally, cross country has been a great outlet for Fish to relieve stress through the lengthy runs. “After a long day of classes nothing is more soothing than a nice run with some friends, it allows me to be tired, get a good night of sleep, and be ready for my next day,” Fish said.

With time being such a valuable commodity to Fish, he’s looking forward to his first year participating in Journalism, since it has always intrigued him. Over the year he hopes to express himself through writing about his interests of politics, music, and whatever is currently going on at school.

Fish understands the importance of working diligently.

“When I start working, I try my best to ignore all of the other distractions and get in ‘the zone,’” he said. “I do this with hopes of finishing early, that way I am able to relax, and be stress-free."

Hayden Fish, Staff Writer

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Hayden Fish