Henry Craft
Henry Craft, junior, has a thirst for music and a love for creativity. He hopes to go into a possible career in music doing whatever he can, but he really wants to own his own record label. Craft is not sure if it’s a realistic career path, but he is open to it.

Craft claims to be a very talented guitar player who “jams” on and off with his friends. Craft has only been playing the six string for four years, but he thinks he’s “pretty darn good.”

“My favorite band is always changing because my perspective is always changing,” Craft said.

Craft’s favorite instrument is his guitar. “It’s the only instrument I enjoy playing,” Craft said.

How many guitars does Craft own? “More than one and less than one hundred,” Craft said.

Craft signed up for the Amplifier for photography, however, he would love to find a way to add his love of music into the mix. While there is no music department in the Amplifier, Craft thinks there should be one, and he plans to find a way.

“I don’t really know how i’ll do it, but I plan on finding a way to express music and the news together,” Craft said.

Craft loves the Amplifier and hopes to gain new skills from the experiences it has to offer, in whatever form they may come. His ultimate goal is to spread love and happiness through whatever medium he can.

Henry Craft, Photographer

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Henry Craft