Jake Nielson
Most students are just getting out of bed at 7:15 in the morning and won’t be getting to school for another hour, but Jake Nielson, senior, is playing in the school jazz band.

“I get here early most mornings for practice,” Nielson said. “I’ve been playing the trumpet since middle school and am now playing in the jazz band.” Along with jazz, Nielson also plays in the symphonic band.

However, band is not Nielson’s only interest.

“I really enjoy writing and journalism,” Nielson said. “When Krake [Glenn Krake, journalism advisor] asked me to join journalism during my sophomore year, I was excited about it. I’ve always liked writing and have been pretty good at it, which helped my decision to join. I have now been involved in WLHSnow for over a year.” Nielson is the Co-Editor in Chief and Head Editor of Web this year.

“Journalism is fun,” Nielson said. “I haven’t decided about whether or not I will pursue it in college, but I like it right now.”  

Nielson does have some other interests outside of band and writing.

“I love starfish,” Nielson said. “I think they are incredible looking and are just really awesome. It’s just so cool that they chill out on rocks all day and can regrow limbs. I love seeing starfish whenever I go to the beach. They are probably my favorite animal.”

Nielson also enjoys old video games, and has a few old stand up games in his basement. He fixes them and then will either sell them for another game or keep them for entertainment.

With his love of band, writing and starfish, Nielson makes an excellent member to the WLHSnow family.

Jake Nielson, Head Web Editor

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Jake Nielson