Ji An
From a blog full of rants to working on the school newspaper, Ji An, freshman, has found her voice through writing. If her voice fails her, An can always rely on her computer to help her out.

Ranting comes easiest to An, but journalism is another writing outlet that she enjoys. Chemistry and journalism are An’s two favorite classes.

“I really just enjoy putting my work out there for people to see and enjoy,” An said. After hearing upperclassmen talk about their positive experiences with the school newspaper, An had to try it out for herself.

With all the hard work An puts in, she has to have motivation. An draws her inspiration from her family. Her parents both immigrated from South Korea and had to start a whole new life without family or jobs. She wants to make sure she works as hard as they do because she appreciates how much effort they had to put in to get where they are today. Her dad, a cook and martial artist, especially motivates her to work hard. “My dad is extremely hard-working and does his best at whatever he starts.” An said. Although An loves writing, she is still focused on her dream job of becoming either a doctor or a member of the United Nations.

“I really want to help people,” An said. Her sister thought about joining the UN and that really stuck with An. She is also inspired by the stories her mother, a nurse, tells her. “Hearing about the difference she makes for people inspires me to do the same,” An said.

Before she starts down her career path, An currently busies herself with swimming and Taekwondo, in which she currently holds a black belt. Between sports and school, she tries to carve out some time for reading which is one of her favorite pastimes. “Harry Potter” “Percy Jackson” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events” are her favorite book series by far. Although An has a lot on her plate, she is definitely looking to continue her work on Amplifier.

“I really love Amplifier and I am looking forward to continuing it the next three years,” she said.


Ji An, Staff Reporter

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Ji An