Karina Rower
It didn’t take long for Karina Rower, freshman, to gravitate towards writing. Rower’s love for writing starts way back ten years ago, when she started writing poems in a small notebook. She recalls reading Highlights Magazines every month, poring over the submitted stories and poems, daydreaming about one day being published in the magazine. At age six, her poem entitled “Books” was featured, and she was hooked. 

 “It was then when I knew I wanted to pursue writing,” Rower said.

“Being an introvert, writing has always helped me get out my thoughts and feelings,” Rower said. “Dance has also helped me reach out of my comfort zone and express myself in a positive way.” 

Rower has been dancing competitively for five seasons, and she is excited to make the transition from studio dance to high school dance team.  

The majority of Rower’s passion for journalism comes when she started writing for her primary school’s newspaper, “The Trillium Times.” She wrote a column every month about recent books and movies she had enjoyed.

 “Thinking back to writing those articles, I remember being very excited to show my mom my writing and for her to act as my personal editor,” Rower said. Her mom has always been the biggest supporter of her love for writing.

Despite her brother graduating the year before she would arrive at West Linn High School, she has no plans of following in his footsteps. 

“My brother was a captain of the ultimate frisbee team/club, he was mostly interested in science, and even won awards for his ISEF project,” Rower said. When she arrived at West Linn High School, she had other plans. From being a member of the Debutantes Dance Team, to signing up for her first AP class freshman year, Rower is ready to immerse herself into all of what WLHS has to offer.

Karina Rower, Staff Writer

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Karina Rower