Newbie and Yearbook editor Kate Walters, 11 is excited for the year to come. “I already got all the yearbook-related tears out of the way,” Walters said, referencing the yearbook camp she attended with the rest of the editorial board over the summer. It was an emotional camp for Walters, and it left her “ready for the yearbook to kick butt.”

Outside of yearbook, Walters enjoys involving herself academically and ranting on Twitter. “I can get into some really intense fights with people on Twitter,” said Walters, “particularly when it comes to social justice. I’m a hardcore feminist and I’m generally not quiet about it.”

In between Twitter fights and homework, Walters spends too much money on Starbucks and spends time with her family and friends. As one member in a family of six, Walters is “highly experienced in bickering.”

She and her younger sister didn’t always get along, but in the past years they’ve grown a lot closer. Walters said of her older sister, a 2015 graduate, “she leaves big shoes to fill. She won a couple department awards when she graduated and I hope that I can live up to that.”

Thankfully, it looks like Walters is on the right track. She’s an AP student and yearbook editor, along with being a choir officer in Symphonic Choir. “Choir has always been a big part of my life, and the Symphonic Choir here at West Linn is such a fun place to be. We’re definitely just like one big family.”

Walters doesn’t know yet what she wants to do once she graduates, outside of going to college and studying something English-related. “I’ve always been a writer, hence why I’m yearbook Copy Editor, and I hope that I can continue with writing somehow,” Walters said.

Walters holds her long-time dream of becoming a comedy writer on the back-burner, looking to find a more realistic way to utilize her talents. “This is my first year in any journalism-related class, and I definitely enjoy it. I’m keeping that in my mind too when it comes to career options,” Walters said.

If you’re looking to find her around the school, Walters said to “look for the one with the biggest dark circles under her eyes. It’s probably me.”

Kate Walters, Yearbook Copy Editor

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