Kenney Whitbey

Sports and school are the main pillars in Kenney Whitbey’s life. Whitbey, junior Opinion Editor for the Amplifier, spends most of his time at school, either in the classroom or on the football field.

Whitbey described his daily routine as “Wake up, go to school, go to football, eat dinner, do homework, go to sleep.”

Whitbey is a very active athlete. He is currently a wide receiver and cornerback for the varsity football team and plans to play lacrosse and intramural basketball later this school year. Whitbey also enjoys watching sports, especially the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers. He also likes to watch college sports and roots for the Oregon State Beavers.

Along with being an active athlete, Whitbey is also an exceptional student. He has maintained straight A’s throughout high school and is taking on challenging classes this year, such as AP Calculus and AP Chemistry. Due to his AP Chemistry class, Whitbey was unable to continue taking Journalism with the rest of the Amplifier staff during second period. He is still on the staff, however, because he was dedicated enough to sign up to take Journalism as an Independent Study class.

School and sports take up a huge piece of Whitbey’s time. However, he is able to have time to relax at home when everyone else at his academic level would need to be studying.

“I retain information from my classes very well, so I don’t need to spend much time at home studying,” Whitbey said.

It is clear that Whitbey challenges himself to be his best in both sports and school. Whether he is on the football field or in class, Whitbey knows what he needs to do to succeed in these major areas of his life.

Kenney Whitbey, Opinion Editor

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Kenney Whitbey