Meredith Bowers
Whether it’s riding horses or reading about war history, Meredith Bowers, sophomore, is always inspired by something. This is her second year in journalism, but she is no longer a reporter; she is one of Amplifier’s newest editors. Bowers thinks it is important to showcase yourself and your work just like her favorite quote by John Jakes; “Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write. Every piece you finish.”

For a long time, Bowers has dreamed about being in the Air Force. Her  path to joining the United State Air Force started when she played Call of Duty WWII games and watched the HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers.” She hopes to participate in Reserve Officer’s Training Corps in college.

Reading books about WWII and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan also inspires her to join. After researching, she would like to be in Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Security Forces, or a pilot of fighter jets or cargo planes.

“I had a liking towards the military and aircraft but I never realized two very important people in my life had been in the military,” Bowers said. Her dad was in the Air Force for a short period of time, and her horseback riding friend’s mom is a Senior Master Sergeant. She finds the branches outside of the Air Force equally fascinating.

“I wouldn’t mind if I was in any of the other branches, they are all exciting in their own way,” Bowers said.

Although the Air Force is Bowers’ main passion, she is also involved in many activities. In her freshman year, She was one of the best female discus throwers. She is also on the school’s swim team and takes horseback riding lessons at the Stafford Hills Equestrian. One day she hopes to write a book, travel all over Europe, skydive and maybe even be in an action movie.

Bowers looks forward to her sophomore year in journalism, but looking to the future, Bowers thinks that “it'd be great to serve in the military, help people and protect our country. Although I want to join for self-fulfillment and completely selfish reasons, it looks great to have the military on your job application.”

Meredith Bowers, Current Events Co-Editor

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Meredith Bowers