Nadia Youga
From photography to soccer, Nadia Youga, 10, is always keeping herself busy.

“I’m always doing something,” Youga said, “I can’t not do something.”

For Youga, health plays a large roll in her life. Playing soccer keeps her in shape, and she loves to work out. She also dedicated herself to keeping a healthy diet, and taking care of her body.

Despite her carefree, no-nonsense outward image, Youga is a big fan of Fifth Harmony, an all-female group of pop singers, who inspire her to make a difference in the world.

“They are generous, dedicated, and have a strong bond between them,” Youga said. “They use their influence to help make a change in the world and inspire positivity.”

Youga is interested in video and broadcast journalism, and using her love of photography to help her tell stories in a digital form. Keep an eye out for her articles on WLHSnow!

Nadia Youga, WLHSnow Staff

Jun 05, 2018
The Road to Recovery (Story/Media)
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Nadia Youga