Nicole Joerger
One of the mottos that Nicole Joerger, junior, bases her future on is to make one friend every place she travels. Based on the things she wants to do, like backpack through Southeast Asia, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and participate in Spain’s annual tomato fight, she is destined to meet a lot of different people.

“I want to experience other cultures and immerse myself completely into other people’s way of life,” she said.

Before she is able to begin her excursion all over the world Joerger plans to go to the University of Oregon and study to become an elementary school teacher or a social worker.

“Since I was in middle school I’ve always loved working with children,” Joerger said, “I just love their positive and happy attitudes.”

Besides loving to work with kids, Joerger also has two sisters, a 2 month-old niece named Scarlet, and a 3 year-old nephew, named Weston. “Scarlet is the cutest little girl; she rarely even cries and what’s even cuter is Weston can’t ever be without her,” Joerger said.

When Joerger is not spending time with her niece and nephew, she participates in a lifelong passion of her’s, dance. She has been dancing for eleven years and recently joined Northwest Dance Theater, a pre-professional company located in Tualatin. She hopes to continue dancing through college and if the opportunity arises, she would love to dance for a career. Ballet not only a way to express herself but to also learn from her instructors, who have become a great inspiration for her. “Ms. Greta and Ms. June never settle. They always push me to do my best,” Joerger said.

Another role model of Joerger’s is her dad, Steve, who she skis with all over the U.S.

“Not only do I look up to his skiing skills, but I also admire his work ethic,” Joerger said. Her favorite skiing spot to go with her dad is Snowbird Resort in Utah where she’s been several times. She loves the adrenaline of skiing down a hill that’s only for the advanced.

“You feel like you are gliding down a cloud,” Joerger said, “It’s so exciting.”

Joerger hopes her future is full of experiences, whether it’s traveling through Asia or becoming a professional ballerina. For now she is focused on her favorite classes, Ecology and Journalism, as well as her company’s performance of the Nutcracker in dec. at Portland Community College.

Nicole Joerger, People Editor

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