Priya is a sophomore reporter for the Amplifier. Her favorite class is chemistry, which is taught by her favorite teacher, Mr. Bilyeu.  She likes the class because she understands it well and is able to blow things up. Priya would love to be a dentist when she grows up. She wants to help people, but does not want the responsibility over people’s lives that comes with being a doctor. Priya’s favorite kinds of movies include comedies, horror, historical fiction, and documentaries about the world. She loves to learn. A specific movie she likes is “Water for Elephants.”In the time that she isn’t dreaming of her future, watching movies, or blowing things up, Priya likes to eat pretty much any kind of cheese. She often hangs out with her family and reads. Lately, a lot of her time has been spent doing AP US History homework.

Priya Basak, The People co-editor

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Priya Basak