Rameen Ali
Second-year Yearbook student and Yearbook Photo Editor Rameen Ali, 11 wound up in Yearbook in an unorthodox way, but soon found it was something she really enjoyed. “My favorite aspect of yearbook is the fact that our main goal is to get everyone in the book. It’s really exciting to go find the people who are never in the book and seeing who they are.”


Ali joined Yearbook her sophomore year in an effort to escape Choir. She hadn’t enjoyed it her freshman year and was looking for any other elective she could take. Little did she know that she found journalistic writing so interesting she would consider it as a career option in the future. Her favorite Yearbook experience was in her sophomore year when she and seven other students went on a trip to Denver for a national journalism convention. Ali was awarded the rating of “Excellent” and was the only girl to place in her category (Sports Writing). Said Ali, “[I loved] getting the opportunity to go to Denver and be a part of a nationally recognized yearbook staff.”


Outside of Yearbook, Ali is a member of the JV Girls’ Golf Team. Said Ali of how she wound up on the team, “My dad basically told me I had to play a sport and do something with my extra time instead of wasting it. I literally tried every sport. He played golf, so he suggested I play with him.” Though Ali is a great golfer, she still has moments to keep her humble. “On the first day of practice frosh year, it was raining, and we were on hole 7. There was a huge hill, and I slid from the top of the hill to the bottom and got mud all over my bag and rain gear. I was playing with two varsity players and it was super embarrassing.”
Ali is a studious AP Student who currently really enjoys AP Chemistry, though she has her doubts on whether or not it will stay that way all year. “It’s pretty easy right now, but I know one day I’m going to wake up and it’s gonna slap me in the face so hard.”

Rameen Ali, Yearbook Photo Editor

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Rameen Ali