Skylar Moore
After six hours of school everyday, Skylar Moore, sophomore can’t wait for her time at home. “I do enjoy school, but I also enjoy the time I have for myself.” Moore said. “I think self discovery and pursuing interests outside of the regular school curriculum is important.”

In her free time, you can find Moore at the piano bench. “I’ve been playing the piano for almost eight years now.” Moore said. “It’s one of my more serious hobbies.”

Outside of music, Moore also plays tennis and enjoys to write. “I love anything writing related.” Moore said. “I could spend hours in my own head. I think that’s why I enjoy journalism so much.”

Moore took journalism one last year and is looking forward to a full year of the subject. “I’m excited to return to journalism because I know it will teach me different skills than the ones that I learn in my other classes.” Moore said. “It’s overall a very helpful experience.”

Skylar Moore, co editor-in-chief

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Skylar Moore