Colin Squires
Colin Squires, sophomore, doesn’t consider himself a typical teenage guy. Then again, he also doesn’t consider himself the typical Amplifier journalist either.

“The people are what make the Amplifier fun. We wouldn’t function as a newspaper without the right sort of people behind the scenes.” Squires said.

Squires recognizes the importance of teamwork within the student newspaper and as a part of of both the high school varsity lacrosse and cross-country teams.

“In sports you get to bond with your teammates and experience things with them. When you are apart of a team you learn traits that transfer to other things.” Squires said.

His hard work both on and off the field inspires him to “reach for goals” he never thought possible before. He wants to become an astronomer or a professional athlete.

“I’ve always had a passion for science,” Squires said. “I think exploring space for a living would be cool.”

No matter what he does Squires knows that he will remain close with his family. This is especially true for his brothers Jamie, 19, and Ryan, 22, who he has looked up to from a very early age.

“My brothers and I are very close. I look up to my older family members,” Squires said.

For now, Squires considers himself a hardworking Amplifier journalist. He has a vision for the newspaper and “wants to get the word out about the Amplifier” to the student body. He is excited to explore his ideas as the school year advances.

Colin Squires, Opinion Editor/Staff Writer

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Colin Squires