Julia Mogen
Every year a small town in southern Oregon hosts the world famous “Shakespeare Festival”. This town is named Ashland and finding Julia Mogen, sophomore, there would be no surprise.

“I really love reading Shakespeare, so Ashland is a place for me,” Mogen said. In fact, she’d like to attend Southern Oregon University because of the atmosphere and community. While it may not be at SOU, Mogen aspires to learn about Nursing or even Forensics.

“Being able to help people as a nurse would be cool and it could lead to many other fields of study,” Mogen said. Despite thinking ahead, Mogen stays grounded when it comes to High School homework.

“My favorite class is English because I enjoy writing and learning about Shakespeare is even better,” Mogen said. She joined the Amplifier staff not only to experience something new but to become a better writer. I might even consider a career related to journalism.”

When Mogen isn’t writing for the Amplifier or reading Shakespeare, she enjoys hanging out with her friends both in and outside of school.

“The key to happiness in life is to surround yourself with good people and do what you love,” Mogen said. “Being able to help people as a nurse would be cool as well and it could lead to many other fields of study,” Mogen said, “also I would be able to help people who have always helped me.”

Maybe in the future Mogen could become a Shakespeare expert or become Nurse of the year. What’s for sure though is that Mogen promises to make those dreams a reality.

Julia Mogen, Staff Writer

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