Ty Clarke, senior, is an Oregon native who found a place in Amplifier to join two of his favorite things: journalism and sports. His skills in journalism trace back to when he joined the Amplifier staff as a freshman. From the beginning, he had a knack for writing stellar sports articles. Then as a junior, he teamed up with Sean to be the new sports editor. Ty is involved in a variety of sports himself: he is a forward on the co-ed soccer team “Straight as a Rainbow”, a point guard in intramural basketball, and a member of the “Mis-Hits” tennis team. His favorite subject is AP English, because it opens his mind to new viewpoints and systems of belief. With his wit and amicable personality, Ty is easily the favorite student in several of his classes. In the future, he aspires to study either journalism or law in college.

Ty Clarke, Co Editor-In-Chief

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