Wally Milner
Look for the summer scorched turf and watch the players hit the field, dribble, pass, and shoot. Even as the seasons change, as the winds bring in 20 degree chills and downpour, the boys play on. All year round, you can find the Junior Varsity 2 team playing soccer. Look a little closer and you’ll find freshman soccer enthusiast Wally Milner, front and center as the striker. With 53 goals and 17 assists so far, Milner has devoted years to the sport. A passion that began as a hobby in third grade has blossomed into something greater.

“Soccer’s not just a game,” Milner said. “In a way, it’s an art. It’s sort of a combination of chess and sprinting.” Playing at this level, even though not the most advanced, is still a wonderful chance to represent West Linn and enjoy the company of friends.

Even when Milner isn’t playing games, he practices on the field. If he isn’t working on the field, Milner takes the work home. It’s certainly a skill set that has become rather well honed, and he’s not just going to stop any time soon. Milner sees it as a potential career option, but remains slightly skeptical due to its practicality.

"Of course I’ll try and see what happens," Milner said, but even if it doesn’t work out, he has plenty of other options. Hopefully journalism and its acquired set of skills may serve useful in the future. Milner enjoys writing stories and knows the importance of sharing knowledge. Milner certainly believes that journalism is an effective means to do so; to reach out to an audience and share a message.

Wally Milner, Staff Reporter

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Wally Milner