Zoe Craig
Zoe Craig, junior, found an interest in writing at Sunset Primary School. Despite reading at a slower than average pace in primary school, she is now taking AP English. Craig enjoys teaching and leading children, which is why she aspires to be a teacher after high school and college. She plans on majoring in English and has thought about being a professor.

Although most teenagers find kids to be a nuisance, Craig is exceptionally good with them. She volunteered her time as a counselor for a middle school camp called Black Lake.

“I was a counselor for seventh grade girls,” Craig said. “They were crazy at times but I enjoyed the experience.”

Reading is another hobby of Craig’s. During the summer, when not hanging out with friends, she found time to read a good book.

She is taking Advanced Placement English which required her to read “Grapes of Wrath” over the summer, among other books.

“I’m glad that we are learning about the “Grapes of Wrath” now because it’s an important part of literature history,” Craig said. Her delight for reading coincides with an interest in writing, which lead her to join the West Linn High School Amplifier.

Now in her third year of taking Journalism, Craig has become the co-editor of the People section in the Amplifier. She plans on continuing with Journalism throughout high school because she loves the atmosphere of the class and the freedom to write what she wants.

Zoe Craig, Co-People Editor

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Zoe Craig