Abby Bonington to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance this summer

Five hundred twenty-five miles away, advancing her artistic abilities in a place where she doesn’t know anyone, Abby Bonnington, junior, will be attending the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance this summer. Bonnington will be at the conservatory for four weeks in July, and she hopes that it will further her dancing abilities.

“I’m going because I want to become better,” Bonnington said. “I know this place will help me grow. It will expose me to different things to help me reach my dream.”

Madeline Groh, sophomore, attended the conservatory last year. It was a way for her to become a more skilled dancer, and it was also an experience that she enjoyed.

“San Fran Conservatory of Dance is a summer program for serious dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level and explore new types of movement, in ballet, contemporary and modern,” Groh said. ” My experience there was amazing because it really pushed me in new areas of dance I hadn’t focused on before, and I got to meet so many new amazing friends and choreographers.”

Bonnington aspires to a career in dance, and she is confident that the conservatory will help her to accomplish this. The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance is an elite program, and there is a process that one must go through in order to be admitted.

“I got in when I auditioned in Portland,” Bonnington said. “The only people that get in are those who show that they want to work hard, and the people recognize this.”

While there, Bonnington will be dancing for 10 hours a day. She will have different classes each day, specializing in ballet and modern dance. At the end of her time there, she will be performing a dance with the other participants, showcasing all that they have learned. According to Groh, the best part of the program is the dance at the end.

“My favorite part was definitely participating in the ending show and being able to perform all the fun pieces we’d learned from our time there,” Groh said.
Bonnington is excited to attend the conservatory in the summer, though she is nervous to be away from her friends, family and home dance studio for a month. Despite this, she is positive that she will have a blast and improve her skills as a dancer.