Make this Valentine’s Day a romantic evening for two or a fun night out with friends


Valentine’s Day is a day for romantic cards, vibrant red roses, pink heart balloons and exchanging personalized gifts with your loved ones.

Can’t think of what to give that special someone? Try something creative, such as making a personalized CD with a mix of romantic and important songs that are important in your relationship. Decorate the CD when you’re done with a collage of photos.  Make a personalized photo album and fill it with your favorite pictures and then leave some room for future memories. Jewelry is always classy, so try looking for a heart locket to put a photo inside.  Go classic and purchase a box of chocolates, red roses and a romantic card; the smallest things can take up the most room in our hearts.

For those who don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, don’t stay home. Try a few of these activities with your close friends and you can have just as much fun or maybe more.  Have a girls’ night out. Go out to dinner and host a movie marathon and watch all of your favorite films. Go to a yoga class that will calm your nerves and relieve stress.

Love songs are a large part of Valentine’s Day, they tell that special someone how you really feel and are full of meaning. Students favorite love songs on a poll on Facebook resulted in six votes for Taylor Swift’s Love Story, two for Beyonces Crazy in Love, four for Taylor Swifts Ours, fours votes for Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up, and nine votes for Bruno Mars’ song, Just the Way You Are.

“My favorite love song is I Won’t Give Up, because it’s really sweet and full of meaning,” Ellie Arnone, freshman, said.

“My favorite love song is Crazy in Love because it’s happy, upbeat, and I love Beyonce; she’s classy!” Talia Bootz, junior, said.

Whether your Valentine’s Day is a romantic evening with your loved one, or a fun night out with friends, it’s sure to be a good one filled with creative gift ideas and and full of love.