Jesuit alumni Aubrey Cleland reaches Top 40 in American Idol

Ty Cleland, junior, excited for his sister Aubrey Cleland, 19, who has finally made it to the Top 40 in American Idol. After narrowing down hundreds of thousands of auditions, American Idol has finally determined the twenty boys and twenty girls to send to Las Vegas. After auditioning in Season 10 and 11, where she reached the Sing-for-your-life/Green Mile stage, Cleland has finally made it through Hollywood Week and will soon compete to be in the Top 20.

Being the Top 40, Cleland has had to fight her way to the top. Last season she made it to the Top 100, but the stakes are even higher this time around. Cleland was eight when the first season aired, and she has wanted to compete in it since.

“She’s been singing for as long as I can remember,” Ty Cleland, junior, said. “Her first audition was when she was 17 and the next time around she got pretty far. I’m really excited she has this opportunity and I hope she makes it all the way. We support her and hopes she makes it all the way.”

Though she started singing in weddings, talent shows and state fairs, Cleland has finally reached her dreams by competing in American Idol. Both her parents were there for her performance in Long Beach, Cali though she keeps in contact with her brother constantly. With her family and friends to support her, Cleland will continue to work for stardom.