Josh Winicki makes jump from middle to high school


A familiar face, but new to West Linn High School, will be in the math classrooms this year. Josh Winicki, who has taught at both Athey Creek and Rosemont Ridge, along with a quarter at the Access Academy, has joined the school’s staff for his ninth year of teaching.

Winicki is glad to have made the transition from middle school to high school.

“I am looking forward to working with more mature students,” Winicki said. “I am glad to be able to see students that I have worked with in the past again.”

Winicki does have a few concerns though for the new school year.

“I am afraid that kids will have a jaded attitude towards math and I want to work to fix that,” Winicki said.

Winicki attended University of California-Berkeley and received a PhD in Economics from the University of Oregon. He will be teaching Algebra 2B and geometry, although he hopes to eventually teach economics and higher level math classes.

Outside of school Winicki has many hobbies. He has been a lifelong skier, beginning at the age of five. He is also an avid Macklemore fan. He attended the Macklemore concert in Eugene as well as making the trip to see him again with his nephew. “White Walls” is his favorite song.