Under the lights

With a passion for theater, Averi Fels hopes to make all people smile.

Riley Badnin, Staff Writer

As the bright lights of the gymnasium shone onto the stage, Averi Fels felt a spring of energy as she made people smile and laugh in her ragged Robinson Crusoe costume. After her start with Missoula Children’s Theater in Kindergarten, Fels has continued with her passion for theater.

“Once I got my first part and people in the audience enjoyed it, I thought ‘Hey, this is fun!’” Fels said, “I really like dressing up in costumes and being in front of people just having fun.” Just last year, Fels was able to play the role of Frenchie in the middle school musical ‘Grease’. It was one of her first major roles in a play, and it’s been her favorite one yet. She had to do more work and apply more effort, but thinks it was well worth it.

“When you do more work, and spend more time doing what you like to do at a higher level, it’s like you’re playing on a varsity sports team,” Fels said. Her favorite aspect of theater is the costumes and dress rehearsals.

“You can practice, but it really comes alive when you get the costumes. It’s magical.” Fels said. She encourages everyone to try out theatre at some point in their lives, emphasizing how theater is such a diverse group and anyone who wants to do it can do it. Although Fels doesn’t want theater as her career, she hopes to continue with the hobby by helping out with children’s theater. Her dream is to help others share her experience under the lights.