English teacher reflects

An interview with Mr. Freyer

Griffin Haag, Staff Writer

Warm fall air blows over the top of English teacher Bret Freyer’s shining yellow 1976 Triumph TR6 as he drives along the winding roads of the countryside.  “Sometimes I take her out for drives,” Freyer said, “The warm evenings at the end of summer and the beginning of school are the best times to go.”  

Freyer loves to drive in his free time, but during school he teaches sophomore and junior English classes. “I truly believe in what I do. Teaching is very important, the most important part is making connections. I try to make those connections for my students.” Freyer said.

Freyer is approaching the end of his 26-year teaching career. With so much time teaching, he’s had his fair share of great teaching moments.

“There’s not one great thing in particular that has happened over the years, just a lot of little things.” Freyer said. 

The “little things” Freyer appreciates most about his time teaching are watching students grow, or someone mentioning something he hadn’t thought about in class.

Some “little things” that he loves to teach his students are different schema. Some of these schema are “The Respect Cup” or proper handshake form when he meets students at the beginning of every school year. Overall, Freyer has had a very successful and enjoyable career at WLHS.

“The only issue I’ve had in my time teaching was with the school newspaper. That’s all I’m going to say about that.” 

 While Freyer has taught for years, it wasn’t always what he wanted to do. After managing a restaurant for several years, he decided he didn’t want to be there forever. Eventually, he decided that teaching was for him and went back to school.

“I wanted to be a sports commentator or do something to do with baseball, but I never quite got there. Teaching was high on my list so I decided on that.” Teaching was the right choice for Freyer. He has affected the lives of countless students and introduced them to brand new topics. The only thing left for him to decide about teaching is what to do after the end of his teaching career.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I want to move away from teaching, but maybe I’ll sub for other English teachers.”