Alex Bischel

Conor Greany

Q: “Where did you go to get your degree?”

 A: “I got my undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame where I studied English and Studio Arts, and I got my Masters degree from the University of Oregon. Studio Arts, also known as Ceramics, is one of my favorite things to do on the side. It’s a great stress reliever, and I thought about pursuing it, but I realized trying to make a living of that would take the fun out of it and bring the stress back. I wanted to keep it a passion so I can keep doing it for fun.”

Q: “Do you have any other major hobbies?”

 A: “Yes as an English teacher of course I love to read, my favorite book is ‘A Tale of Two Cities,’ by Charles Dickens. Another thing I enjoy is TV shows, but there’s too many to have just one favorite. One of them has a more serious plot; ‘West Wing.’ Although my other favorite is comedy based; ‘Parks and Rec.’”

Q: “What was the last school you taught at? What’s the difference between that one and West Linn High School?”

 A: “Thurston High school, it’s in Springfield, I did my student teaching there. Here at West Linn High School I have my first real bunch of kids to teach. Right now I’m teaching  English 9 and English 11, and I have two periods of English 9, and three periods of English 11. When I came to West Linn High School I knew I would have a chance to meet good kids, but it’s better than I thought it would be. The kids all seem to be super nice and respectful and good to each other.  Everyone here also seems to be really focused on their education and they take it seriously.”

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